Departing Washington City Paper food editor Chris Shott will no longer have to hide his face. (Will Mitchell/Washington City Paper)

City Paper editor Michael Schaffer announced Shott’s departure this morning in a memo to the staff. “Chris Shott has been dealing with some family stuff back in New York,” Schaffer wrote. “He told me this week that he was going to leave his job here in order to be there full-time.”

“Writing for Washington City Paper is the best gig in D.C. I know,” Shott e-mailed All We Can Eat. “I’ve worked here, like, five different times now. It brings me no joy to leave. Again. But this is the right move for me and my family. Who knows? Maybe I’ll win the lottery and come back as the owner. Stay tuned.”

Despite his short time in the position, Shott penned some memorable pieces, including a cover profile on chef Mike Isabella and a deeply reported look at a former Ben’s Chili Bowl employee who thinks he can out-greasy spoon Washington’s premier greasy spoon. Shott also took a bite into some of the District’s most accomplished chefs, with pans of Jose Andres’s America Eats Tavern (he described the Hangtown fry as a dish “better suited for Denny’s) “and R.J. Cooper’s Rogue 24 (quote: “The gimmickry is suddenly getting old”).

Shott told me his favorite column was the one in which he took a historian (who had written or edited 41 books on Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War) to the restaurant named after the 16th president.

As for Shott’s replacement, Schaffer is starting a search.

“I plan to hire a new Y&H writer as quickly as possible — so please send people my way if you have any nominees,” Schaffer wrote in his memo to staff. “Chris will also be in the paper and on the website from time to time as a freelancer during the interregnum — that June food issue ain’t going to write itself, and I’m lucky that Chris has agreed to be a big chunk of it.”

Shott’s last day on the job will be April 27.