Cranberry Tangerine Sauce. (Tracy A Woodward/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Crab Apple-Cranberry Relish Wild apples were traditionally mashed and combined with cranberries along the Pacific Coast.

Cranberry and Fig Sauce Sweetness and heat combined.

Cranberry and Golden Raisin Sauce. Besides turkey, this goes well with duck breasts or roast lamb.

Cranberry-Pistachio Chutney. Figs, pistachios and oranges add texture and flavor.

Fresh Cranberry Relish. This fast, uncooked relish takes only a few pulses of the food processor.

Jellied Cranberry Sauce. Akin to the canned stuff, but better because it's homemade and not quite as sweet.

Pear Cranberry Sauce. Cinnamon and ginger add a punch of flavor.

Red Wine Cranberry Sauce. This syrupy sauce has a depth that belies its short cooking time.

Spiced Cranberry Jelly. Tart, refined and softly textured when at room temperature.

Triple Cranberry Sauce. Raw, simmered and dried cranberries come together to make something that’s part relish, part sauce.

Cranberry Tangerine Sauce. Eat the leftovers on turkey sandwiches or breakfast toast.

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