The kitchen assumes center stage in the dining room at Rogue 24. (Tim Carman/The Washington Post)

As of Sunday, there was only one public table available for Thursday and Friday nights, July 28 and 29. Everything else in the the 52-seat restaurant was taken, Cooper notes, save for the 14-seat salon, which doesn’t take reservations.

“We took 48 reservations each night,” says the former Vidalia chef, “so I could leave a table or two for investors who want to come in.”

Cooper Inks a New Deal: The chef’s tat features an evil eye to ward off evil spirits, including, presumably, red ink. (Tim Carman/The Washington Post)

Rogue 24 also took reservations only for the opening weekend.

“Our plan is not to over-capacitate the restaurant and not start turning tables until September, when the staff is totally comfortable with everything,” Cooper says. “Why push it? Let’s make it what it should be.”

Rogue 24 resumed taking reservations today, Cooper says, but only for dates in August. To make a reservation, call 202-408-9724 or go to

Just expect to open your wallet when you visit Rogue: The 24-course “Journey” menu will set you back $120 ($175 with drink pairings), while the 16-course “Progression” will run $100 ($145 with drink pairings).

Rogue 24, 922 N St. NW ( located to the rear of N Street in Blagden Alley).