KBC partners Peyton Sherwood, left, and Trent Allen show off a pair of boxing creatures carved by Sherwood’s girlfriend, Julia German. (Tim Carman/The Washington Post)

In a sense, owners Josh Saltzman, Trent Allen and Peyton Sherwood were just test-driving the place, which they hope will serve as a laid-back gathering spot for their Columbia Heights neighbors and those looking for a respite from the trendier-than-thou eateries that hold sway in the District.

Located in the former Acuario space at 3410 11 St. NW, KBC already has a lived-in sensibility, which is quite a trick given the owners had to renovate the entire structure, most of it through their own sweaty efforts. It’s as if the guys know how to manufacture instant history and personality.

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Sherwood, Allen and Saltzman, with their requisite KBC branding iron. (Tim Carman/The Washington Post)

By the way, the owners say they will welcome any food truck to park right outside their door. “It’s a free-market society,” says Josh Saltzman. “If they pay the meter, they can park out there.”

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