“This is a really big deal,” Michelle Obama noted yesterday during a press conference announcing plans for Wal-Mart, Supervalu, Walgreens and some regional supermarkets to open more than 500 stores in food deserts across the country.

“The commitments that you all are making today have the potential to be a game changer — for our kids and for communities all across this country.”

The first lady went on to say that food deserts have long been a problem, one that had baffled experts on how to fix.

“We knew the conventional wisdom on this issue — that businesses won’t take the risk of investing in certain communities, that the costs are too high, that the profits too low to make it worthwhile. But we also knew that if we truly wanted to end the epidemic of childhood obesity, if we truly wanted all of our kids to have the chance to grow up healthy, then we didn’t have a choice. We needed to confront this problem head-on.”

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