Maybe you can be the next Lou Ann Burns of Elkton, Md. She turned her personal recipe into a commercial brand of Antie Lou’s barbecue sauce. (MATTHEW GIVEN/AP)

I repeat, the deadline is Sunday.

By then, you can re-test your sauce and record your recipe — just think, once written down, you’ll never again have to wonder how much ancho powder to use — and then e-mail it to us at Put “SAUCE CONTEST” in the subject line.

Here are five reasons to enter:

1.Honor. It’s grandma’s recipe. You’ve been crowing about it for years. Well, now it’s time to take grandma’s concoction out of the backyard and into the world.

2.Pride. Look, you already know you make the best sauce around. So prove it. A great sauce lasts a while. Bragging rights last forever. Prepare your acceptance speech.

3.Practice. Let’s say you have a secret sauce that you don’t want anyone to know about. Fine. So use this contest as a chance to try out something new.

4.Altruism. Barbecue is about sharing. Help make the world a better place by giving something of yourself to others — your amazing sauce recipe.

5.Prizes. They’re amazing, these prizes: They include a trophy awarded at the Safeway National Capital Barbecue Battle on June 25 and 26. You could also win a behind-the-scenes tour led by yours truly of longtime local favorite Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling Company, the hot newcomer Hill Country and the competition-tested pitmen behind the so-new-it-isn’t-even-open-at-this-writing Pork Barrel BBQ. Oh, and you also get a collection of local commercial sauces to compare yours to.

You can check out the particulars of the contest here.

We’ll announce the winners in the Smoke Signals column in the paper on Wednesday, May 25, just in time for the Memorial Day weekend — and the official start of barbecue season.