Tomato Chickpea Masala With Chicken. (Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post)

Incorporating more of these healthful foods into your diet can be trying, so we pulled a handful of recipes from our Recipe Finder that include some of these power foods. See a photo gallery of the recipes here.

Although Americans may think of yogurt as a breakfast item, Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries have a long history of serving the dairy product ’round the clock. This tomato-chickpea dish incorporates yogurt, as well as a serving of grains and vegetables.

This citrus, mint and pomegranate salad is a low-fat mixture of Greek-style yogurt and fresh fruit, topped with a hint of honey.

Using more whole grains as opposed to processed grains also can make a big difference in weight loss, according to the study. Refined grains can add a half-pound every four years, while whole grains can subtract the same amount. Besides switching to multigrain bread and pasta, a variety of grains can result in a more well-rounded diet. Quinoa is a great source of protein and amino acids. This quinoa pilaf spices up the otherwise bland grain, and mixes in a serving of spinach.

Every extra serving of nuts likewise prevented study participants from gaining a half-pound. Recipes such as this broccoli, ginger and cashew dish can seamlessly blend another portion of nuts into your day.

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