I don’t know about you, but nothing represents fall so much to me as pumpkin. I’ll eat it in almost infinite preparations: Ice cream, pancakes, curry, soup, muffins . . . You get the idea. And now’s the time to get the fresh stuff, thanks to your local farmers markets.

Next week, Smoke Signals columnist Jim Shahin will share how you can cook with it using your grill. Until then, enjoy these suggestions from our Recipe Finder:

Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie, in which pumpkin combines with fall’s other iconic food, apples.

Roasted Pumpkin and Wild Rice Pilaf (Gerald Martineau/The Washington Post)

Pasta With Creamy Pumpkin Sauce, an easy weeknight meal that will help you use all those cans of pumpkin you bought.

Pumpkin Caramel Pudding, which you can make up to a day in advance.

Pumpkin Muffins, one breakfast we wouldn’t mind waking up for.

Roasted Pumpkin and Wild Rice Pilaf, a healthy side dish that would feel right at home on your Thanksgiving table.

What are your favorite pumpkin dishes?