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Is it safe to turn on the TV again? In case you missed it, here’s the unedited Royal Wedding ceremony. By the way, did you know that the wedding generated “more than 12 times as much greenhouse gases than Buckingham Palace in a whole year”? (TIME) But before you start harrumphing about the princess-pony silliness of it all, consider that The Wedding is merely the ”Superbowl of girl culture.” (TBD)

Now, back to food in all its many tangents:

* Six volumes, 2,400 pages and 350 corrections. (NY Times)

* Calorie counts don’t add up to weight loss. (GOOD)

* Required reading: “The British wedding cake may be the descendant of a Roman custom which saw the groom break a barley loaf over his bride’s head, an act that sealed the marriage.” (Guardian)

* Two local bakers want to give you a better Pay Day. (Metrocurean)

* Proust, the poet of asparagus pee. (Food & Think)

* Agreeing on a solid definition first might help everyone move forward with sustainable agriculture. (The Atlantic)

* Make your own bar pizza at home. Bartender repartee is not included. (Slice)

* Sugar industry sues corn-syrup industry for getting sweet on American consumers. (Agri-Pulse)