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* A talented young chef, his terrible drug habit and the long process of rebuilding his life and the trust of the restaurant world he burned. (Chicago Tribune)

* A writer who isn’t down with Dow’s plan for greenwashing water contamination. (Civil Eats)

* Hardcore music meets hardcore cooking, where the only blood and muscle involved belongs to the chef. (WaPo)

* “Most Britons, I think, simply don’t get barbecues. They use them as ordinary cookers transplanted into the garden.” (The Guardian)

* “[D]etermining the origins of an outbreak that has killed 22 and left 600 people in intensive care presents a difficult mystery to unravel, with vital clues disappearing day by day as contaminated food is thrown away and farm and factory equipment is cleaned.” (NY Times)

* The sad, lonesome song of the displaced bivalve. (Gilt Taste)

* The Locavore Survival Guide. (Flat Frog Blog)

* Shrek is dead! No, not that one, but Shrek, “New Zealand’s woolliest sheep.” (AP via WTOP)

* Grilled cheese goes high-tech. (CNN)