The latest in food news, ideas and philosophy, just in time for your lunch break.

* End of an era: Elaine’s to close. (NY Times)

* “To put it more broadly, regulation of the safety of GM food is virtually nil, and research is scant and largely industry-funded.” (Grist)

* A mine field of exploding watermelons in China. (AP via CBS News)

* This is only the second largest seizure of contraband lunch meat at the U.S.-Mexico border. (Border Explorer)

* Restaurant trends for 2011: smaller portions, larger prices. (USA Today)

* Six new restaurants around the country where you can have a smoke. Or a smoke fix. (Food & Wine)

* It’s the people (and their deep-fryers), not the potato! (WSJ)

* Is it demi-glace or demiglace? (AP via Romenesko)

* Formula 1 racing is bad for farmers’ health. (Twitter)