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* Farewell to a film legend who had an appetite for food and men. (LA Times)

* A controversial stunt with high-alcohol pinot noir that proved nothing. (NY Times)

* Ten ways to give salt the shake. (Chicago Tribune)

* Tap water in Tokyo and surrounding cities is declared unsafe for infants. Gee, think adults will drink it, either? (LA Times)

* “I made more with Cabo Wabo and the Tequila business than I ever made in Van Halen.” (San Francisco Chronicle)

* Fascinating tidbit: In 1943, most Americans grew 40 percent of the vegetables they ate. Are we getting back to that? (NY Times)

* “The majority of what we think we are tasting we are actually smelling, so a balloon-shaped glass, whether it’s a sniffer or red wine glass, is best for almost all beers, as it captures more of the aromatics.” (Atlantic Life)

* Sweet or sacrilege? Candy company sells chocolate crosses for Easter. (Chow)

* Sushi lovers need not fear the tsunami. (NY Times)