The latest in food news, ideas and philosophy, just in time for your lunch break.

* Go fish for your dinner — in a Japanese restaurant. (HuffPo Food)

* Ruth Reichl: “Who are the nurturing people who are feeding us now? The artisans. The people who are baking and the farmers who are actually out there digging the land. To me they’re the new heroes of American food.” (Eater)

* “[G]luten-free foods, once relegated to health food stores and alternative cafes, are now solid citizens of supermarkets, mall restaurants and even baseball stadiums.” (NY Times)

* Native Washingtonians create a coffee-search app for London, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, but not the District of Columbia. (LA Weekly)

* The five worst cocktails found in chain restaurants. (Zagat)

* Eliot Spitzer: The OCD eater. (Eatocracy)

* Can outdoor dining make you smarter? (GOOD)

* “The idea of a show exploring the government’s place in the national food chain was hatched by the archive’s director of exhibits, Christina Rudy Smith, who stumbled upon a document from 1776 designed to entice men to enlist in the Continental Army through the promise of three solid meals a day.” (NY Times)