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* Putting on the jeans and sneakers. (WSJ)

* “But the greatest condiment of them all is Sriracha, the Thai hot sauce that is what happens when lava and lightening make sweet love.” (TruTV)

* Five Guys may force In-N-Out Burger to duck and cover in Southern California. (LA Times)

* Sidney Lumet overlooked even in death: How could Paul Newman’s drunken lawyer from “The Verdict” not make this list of famous cinematic lushes? (TIME)

* I have just three words for you: pizza dough doughnuts. (Baltimore City Paper)

* The drug culture of dairy cows. (Boise Weekly)

* The grand dinner designed to honor the “the gastronomic meal of the French”sort of hit the mark: Guests complained a lot. (NY Times)

* How the question, “Do you like pizza?,” grew into a school garden. (Houston Press)

* The dark (really dark) side of locavore parodies. (Seattle Weekly)