The latest in food news, ideas and philosophy, just in time for your lunch break.

* EPA discovers that manure can be a friend to the environment.(EPA)

* Animal welfare groups aren’t afraid to gross us out to change our behaviors. (Grub Street)

* The architect who balanced the casual with the elegant in restaurant design has died. (NY Times)

* Diet sodas are great for expanding your waistline. (NY Post)

* Flipping burgers beats flipping out on drugs any day. (WaPo)

* When the economy gets tough, the tough get drinking. (SF Chronicle)

* Better chicken kebabs through bacon. (Cook’s Illustrated)

* “Top Chef” is filming next in that fine-dining mecca known as...San Antonio? (Eater)

* Get your booze and your summer Popsicle in one convenient treat. (Just make sure Junior doesn’t confuse it with his Creamsicle.) (Foodista)