The latest in food news, ideas and philosophy, just in time for your lunch break.

* El Centro launches a bottomless tequila brunch. (The Feast)

* Bet you’ll never see the eight-legged octopus cupcake at a certain shop in Georgetown. (City Paper)

* Should hot dogs come with cigarette-style warning labels? (WaPo)

* Lady Gaga’s meat dress is “prosciuttoed.” (NY Mag)

* Foie gras wars: enviros vs. restaurants, restaurants vs. restaurants, ducks vs. the world. (HuffPo)

* McDonald’s thinks outside the bun in France: Baguettes now on the menu. (Le Figaro)

* What’s the bigger Roman attraction? Ruins or risotto? (Daily Telegraph)

* Honduras passes Guatemala as Central America’s top coffee producer. (WSJ)

* McDonald’s Chinese invasion: a restaurant a day for four years. (Bloomberg)