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* Frank Ruta and Michael Landrum, together at least. (HuffPo)

* Cigarettes are one step closer to contraband in Britain. (AP)

* New Food Network show plans to pig out in Arlington. (Food Network)

* Japanese vending machines to give buyers a charge. Literally. (AFP)

* Transparency doesn’t extend to journalists’s annual Gridiron Dinner. (Poynter)

* “Modernist Cuisine” author on Michael Ruhlman’s NYT’s review: “Mostly the schizophrenic nature of his comments make it seem like he wants to have it both ways. To people who love the book (for example, the professional chefs that have seen it) he can point to the positive comments and talk about how miraculous our stock recipe is, or other very positive comments. To people who have a different take he can moan about how bad the text is, how expensive the equipment is, and how much asprin he had to take.” (eGullet)

* Charlie Sheen’s “winning recipes” are better paired with tea made from “ground dinosaur fossils.” VIDEO (Grub Street)

* “]O]rganic production, for all its ecological benefits, is in no position to confront the world’s impending demand for food.” (Slate)

* Frat boys who no longer have to eat mayonnaise straight from the jar. (WSJ)