The latest in food news, ideas and philosophy, just in time for your lunch break.

* Most of us wouldn’t know good wine if it punched us in the gut. (The Guardian)

* Should sugar come with its own government warning label? Maybe a skull with a “cross bones” of sugar cane? (NY Times Magazine)

* Expiration dates may be the leading cause of food waste. (Boston Globe)

* Obesity is child’s play. (Village Voice)

* “Modernist Cuisine documents and pushes forward a high-art vision of food; but high art presumes the existence of other genres, too: food as popular art, food as craft. All of them place skilled human labor and ingenuity at the heart of the food project. They stand in sharp contrast to the productionist, mechanical vision of food’s future promoted by the likes of Monsanto.” (Grist)

* Thirty ways to leave your beloved old chicken recipe. (Apologies to Paul Simon.) (

* One way to calm your kids: Take ‘em to Olive Garden. (HuffPo Food)

* Dollar diplomacy. Gunboat diplomacy. Moral diplomacy. What were they missing? Food trucks. Malaysia has the fix. (Daily Beast)

* “To watch ‘Top Chef Masters’ and feel so removed from it gives me a far different feeling. It’s reality TV without even a hint of the reality. It’s hard to imagine anybody caring about it. And that just makes me sad.” (TIME)