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Well, well, look who’s fish food today.

President Obama had a helluva weekend. So did The Washington Post, if you were a fan of food, technology, banquet dinners and the president himself:

* A smartphone app that could benefit diner and restaurant.

* Eric Schlosser gives Big Ag a lesson on food elitism.

* A dinner that repeatedly mocks Donald Trump can’t be all bad, can it?

* Apparently it can.

* Someone needs to introduce Alex Ovechkin, cupcake fan, to the Capcake. (Twitter)

* “Counting calories? Try our blended bacon berry smoothie. Not counting calories? Try our bacon cheesecake. Is that still too healthy for you? Bacon balls injected with maple syrup!” (You Tube)

* Wanted: Dead, not Alive. The Murderous, Villainous Interloper Who Goes by the Name of Snakehead. Reward. (WUSA9)

* Major restaurant chains may soon press your buttons. Or, more precisely, you could be pressing theirs. (Slate)

* Pinkberry is seeing green in foreign markets. (Bloomberg Businessweek)

* “I’m very disappointed in myself and in my inability to appreciate good things.” (Ozersky.TV)

* The Whole Foods courting game continues in SE. (Capital Business)