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* Olive Garden’s Culinary Institute of Tuscany is more like a nice off-season shopping trip to Italy. (TIME)

* Famous Brooklyn pizza man gets sliced. (NY Post)

* Now you’re cooking with gas — but is it more energy efficient than electric cooking? (Grist)

* Chefs, food writers and other celebs (and quasi-celebs) reveal their favorite junk food. (Daily Meal)

* Jonathan Waxman: “Writing a cookbook is a little bit like eating a pound of sand... It’s the most daunting experience of one’s life. Because what you do on a daily basis as a chef, it’s kind of fun... But writing it and putting it down, it’s so difficult... trying to figure out what you do almost mechanically and so automatically... and how do you translate that and put it on a page so someone will cook it at home? It’s really a difficult thing.” (Eater)

* Playing footsie with your gumbo. (Twitter)

* Quinoa gets a rise out of some rabbis who say it isn’t kosher. (NY Times)

* One farmer’s answer to growing food in the age of climate change. (Atlantic Life)