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* Bauer to Bourdain: Show some respect to home cooks, Holmes. (San Francisco Chronicle)

* Organic farmers sue Monsanto to prevent Monsanto from suing organic farmers. (Reuters)

* A chemical to get kids to eat their veggies. (SlashFood)

* President Obama: “Well, being a bartender is a lot like being the president: everyone thinks they can do it but they can’t, can they?” (Atlantic Life)

* Is it OK to eat with your fingers at a four-star Indian restaurant? (WaPo)

* Food critic to Richard Blais: “I have to tell you, though, Mr. Top Chef: I know Flip Burger Boutique is more than just a burger joint, but it’s still not enough. Not from you.” (Atlanta Constitution-Journal)

* “Welcome to the Tempeh District. We’d like to introduce you to our council member, who’s also made of mock meat.” (NY Times)

* E-gad!: Ruth Reichl to get into e-commerce food journalism? (NY Observer)