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* The tears of a (fast-food) clown. (Daily Finance)

* The injustice of environmental activist Tim DeChristopher’s day in court. (Grist)

* The new gold standard for panning famous Parisian bistros. (Vanity Fair)

* Boys in the ‘hood. VIDEO. (yfrog)

* The latest real estate bubble may be on America’s farms. (NY Times)

* Conan O’Brien’s parody of a Let’s Move PSA gives new meaning to “don’t ask, don’t tell.” (Obama Foodorama)

* Heart Attack Grill pitchman dies young, presumably happy. (Daily Mail)

* Pork board to retire “The Other White Meat” slogan. Suggested replacement: “I’m a pig for bacon!” (HuffPo Food)

* Two North Carolina truffle growers are digging up dirt on each other. (NY Times)