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* Who’s the real Burger king? Shake Shack? In-N-Out? Or Five Guys? (A Hamburger Today)

* Drink up, the coffee’s fine. (The Atlantic)

* Bonus for caffeine addicts: Drink your coffee in your new Obama birther mug. (Obama Foodorama)

* Even more coffee news: Starbucks coopts Lady Gaga. (USA Today)

* “[T]wo major cases of federal fraud have been filed in the past six months, rocking the California farming world and alleging that probably millions of pounds of produce sold as organic over several years weren’t worthy of the label.” (Grist)

* America’s most successful chef was born in Austria. (The Daily Meal)

* Gwyneth was not the first: Bon Appetit has a history of featuring still-breathing flesh on the cover. Mouse “flesh,” too. (Bon Appetit)

* Bad news, Marylanders, your alcohol will get even pricier. (Washington Times)

* Woody Allen on Elaine’s: “The food was unremittingly terrible from start to finish. My theory was that that was one of the appeals of the place—that if the food was great, everyone would be going up there for the food. But they didn’t, they went up there to be with other people and socialize and have a quick snack, but mostly drink and talk and a lot of conversation...” (The Feast)