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* Want to lose weight?. Walk away from your computer. (NY Times)

* Legal mind games: California requires yogurt makers to pasteurize their milk even if they already buy pasteurized milk, with the understanding that the law prohibits re-pasteurizing already pasteurized milk. (The Economist)

* D.C. mayor tells Wal-Mart where to go. (WaPo)

* Investment groups want a slice of California Pizza Kitchen. (LA Times)

* Italian pizzamaker in Bethesda is not so open to criticism from pie neophytes. (The Feast)

* They got your Memorial Day cookout ideas right here. (Food52)

* “In the aftermath of Meatopia 2010, I realized that we dodged a bullet. The event could easily have turned into another Altamont.” (Meatopia)

* The Jewish deli ponders how it stacks up in a modern sustainable-minded world. (JTA)

* The exploitative spice market needs to be shaken up. (The Ecologist)