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* A Houston fish market specializes in bycatch, the so-called “trash” of the sea. (Houston Chron)

* David Chang skips TV and goes straight to an iPad app — and a conventional magazine. (WSJ)

* Bacon is not spam. (LA Times)

* “I’m perturbed that people have gotten so turned around that they think restaurant food is the best food, and that today’s modern, self -aware ‘foodie’ thinks that the highest level of cooking is to cook restaurant-style food in the home.” (Atlantic)

* Congress is considering cuts to food assistance programs. (Jane Black)

* What the Arby’s sale could mean for parent company Wendy’s. (NRN)

* Ore-Ida will start selling sweet potato fries. (SF Chronicle)

* A Chinese butcher gets a life sentence for adding nitrates to pig offals and killing a man. (WaPo)

* A bill to ban undercover filming of livestock operations is all penned up. (HuffPo)