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* The deadly European E. coli strain is not even on America’s watch list. (WaPo)

* “It also allows the headspace to have little epiphanies. My first was that gardening has a lot more to do with encouraging death than life.” (Food & Think)

* Folks are throwing up all over MyPlate. (Ruth Bourdain) and (YouTube)

* Raw milk outlaws. (WCP)

* “The new plate is a throwback, an echo from an era when government didn’t cower on the sidelines in one of our most important domestic debates. Let’s hope it is a first step toward a Super-Sized serving of government leadership.” (Jane Black)

* A new crop of cookbooks, harvested and inspected. (NY Times)

* Trump’s pizza ad­ven­ture forces Jon Stewart to play the role of a Gambino heavy. (Eater)

* Get to know your Japanese whiskey. (Connosr, Distilled)