The latest in food news, ideas and philosophy, just in time for your lunch break.

* The Faustian bargain of dining coupons could cost restaurateurs their souls — or at least their profits. (NY Times)

* The Peeps have spoken. The winner mines a heroic moment, but the Escher homage is pure Peep gold (or pink, whatever). (WaPo)

* “It’s true that school districts, especially in poor communities, face daunting challenges in providing nutritious food. But often, myths and outdated thinking hold them back more than lack of money or time.” (USA Today)

* Talk about humane farming practices — and brilliant fine-arts marketing. (LA Times)

* Potential diners at Next are already invoking the Serenity Prayer. (Chicago Tribune)

* A 21 bun salute. (San Francisco Chronicle)

* “The factory farming system could be greatly improved by forcing the farms to manage waste and restricting use of antibiotics. This will not solve the fundamental problems, but it will help.” (HuffPo Food)

* Quite a trick: Jamie Oliver impacts the Los Angeles Unified School District’s lunch program without stepping foot into a kitchen. (ABC 7)

* Cookbooks of the rich and famous. Which do you prefer? (SlashFood)