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* Anthony Bourdain thinks food scribes are either on the take or writing about new muffin recipes. One food writer begs to differ. (Eatocracy)

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* It’s good to be green: a look at the spring mother lode of ingredients. (Salon)

* Must. Have. This. Sandwich. Now. (Saveur)

* Local meat tastes better and is healthier for you. If you can afford it, that is. (Grist)

* Eat your eggs — and the “shell” too. (New York magazine)

* Denny’s Baconalia is a few strips short of a full-blown pork-belly orgy. (TIME)

* A 1980s-era cookbook whose time has finally come. (LA Times)

* Charlie Trotter: a man who knows how to treat vegetables well, if not cooks in his employ. (NY Times)