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* “As a student of the space, I’ve seen enough parallels between food and energy to posit that food may be the next frontier in green tech. Like energy, food and agriculture are big, slow, and highly regulated sectors. But also like renewable energy, there might be opportunities for innovation and profit in ‘renewable food,’ fueled by consumer preference today and by shifts in policy tomorrow.” (Grist)

* 5-2-1-0 has helped kids drop hundreds of pounds in Portland, Maine. (WSJ)

* Watch the Atlantic Food Summit live from your desk. (We won’t tell your boss!) (Atlantic Life)

* China’s economic success can be measured through beer drinking. (NY Times)

* “It’s important to cook with your kids, you know, to eat with your kids, to be together.” (Gov News)

* “For me there’s something just so darned appropriate about celebrating a Royal Wedding with this kind of concentrated cheesiness. And where better to stick your royal wedding cheeseplate than in this beautifully imagined Kate and Wills fridge?” (The Guardian)

* Which is the better machine? The $335 Viking food processor or the KitchenAid for $170? (Cooks Illustrated)

* Scenes from a serious rolling. (WaPo)