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* Do customers still get a fair shake as Danny Meyer keeps rolling out more burger Shacks? (Village Voice)

* Washington’s wild west mentality on alcohol has helped turn the city into a beer mecca. (WCP)

* Golf balls suitable for the ocean floor. (AOL News)

* Scandal in Ammon, Idaho: The hamburger trophy is missing from the local T.G.I. Friday’s! (Local News 8)

* On traditional Polish beet soup: “I’m surprised it’s not worse, but it would require some confidence in one’s ability to carry off peasant chic to serve this up to guests.” (The Guardian)

* Fun(ny) fact about asparagus: “It’s often alleged that asparagus does not affect the urine of all people. Actually, asparagus behaves the same way chemically in all people, but not everyone has the gene to be able to detect its funky scent. So your pee does smell funny, even if you can’t smell it.” (TBD)

* Non-profit wants food manufacturers to kick the can to lower cancer risks. (Breast Cancer Fund)

* Win the lottery, get a seat to Grant Achatz’s Next restaurant. (Chicago Sun-Times)

* An April Fool’s prank backfires on Jonathan Gold when he’s forced to eat at the Olive Garden. (LA Weekly)