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* Alice Waters finds one, two, three faults with the Atlantic Food Summit. (Twitter).

* You consume more chemicals and additives every day than you think. (Civil Eats)

* You consume more genetically modified foods every day than you think — and will likely eat more in the future. (HuffPo Food)

* “You simply can’t teach a rat or dog to like spicy food; scientists have tried. But in humans, it’s easy. Culture often overrides our genes and takes over the mouth’s role as the body’s gatekeeper.” (WaPo)

* Hamburgers, a history of ground beef, grease and American consumerism. (Eater)

* Americans are buying more meat than ever — and the odds are good it’s infected with staph. (LA Weekly)

* The average American: Since wine is good for me, more wine must be better! (U.S. News)

* Learn to make a sandwich the right way: like country piadinari in Emilia-Romagna. (Saveur)

* The hungry in America could get hungrier if these budget cuts are passed. (SlashFood)