The latest in food news, ideas and philosophy, just in time for your lunch break.

* Better drink up, the world ends Saturday. (HuffPo)

* The clown has been given a stay of execution. (WSJ)

* Five other food mascots who deal junk. (Village Voice)

* “What if we discussed the moral and legal rights of animals with the same level of detail we bring to discussion about where to find the best prosciutto? Perhaps the most intellectually jarring conclusion we might reach is that our current philosophical justification for dominating the non-human world is embarrassingly antiquated.” (The Atlantic)

* The 50 most important women in food — minus Ruth Reichl, out of modesty. (Gourmet Live)

* Pad Thai, with a side of the dark arts.(You Tube)

* “Looking back, I can only conclude that the cacao content of DQ’s chocolate coating is roughly equivalent to the scotch content of their butterscotch dip. You see, there is no easy way to say this: I hate chocolate.” (Gilt Taste)

* The beef industry is going all PETA. Well, at least in its marketing tactics. (AP)

* And to bring this full circle: Here are the best canned meats to store in your doomsday bunker. (TruTV)