The Naughty Bits brownie collection features six flavors, with more to come. (Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post)

When Leigh Lambert posted her recipe for Man-Catcher Brownies in the Food section in 2007, she was our editorial assistant and working on her master’s degree in gastronomy. The name caused a small e-uproar but the recipe went over like gangbusters. The brownies are thick and generous (2 3 / 4 inches square), arriving at the blessed intersection of fudge and cake and pure dark chocolate appeal.

She earned the degree. Now Lambert’s doing the mom thing at home, and she’s on a mission to market her baked goods locally and online. She has developed five other flavors (“more waiting in the wings,” she tells us), selling them via her Batch by Batch Bakery business as Naughty Bits Brownies. Lambert is using the kitchens at Capital City Cheesecake in Takoma Park, currently baking about four dozen a week.

Flavors: The Man-Catcher (no nuts, and still our favorite); Living in Sin (miniature peanut butter cups and salted, blistered peanuts); Cabana Banana Boy (dried bananas, toasted coconut, salted macadamia nuts); Barista Bar (espresso, chocolate chips, Kahlua); Geisha Girl (crystallized ginger, wasabi, sesame snack bits); Shiksa (bacon, toffee).

We suspect her workload will increase quickly.

Naughty Bits Brownies are sold at Capital City Cheesecake, 7071 Carroll Ave., 301-270-7260, and at Zen Tara Tea, 4710 Bethesda Ave., Bethesda, 301-215-5923. Single brownies, $2.50-$3.50; gift boxes of six for $21 and 12 for $41 are available online only, at For more information, contact Lambert at