Just as the chill of winter began to settle in, prompting us to say farewell to some of our favorite markets and vendors, the U.S. Department of Agriculture came out with some good news: Winter markets are on the rise. The number of farmers markets open during the cold season increased 38 percent from 2010 to 2011. The department counted more than 1,200 winter markets nationwide in 2011. Both Maryland, with 48 markets, and Virginia, with 40, made the list of top 10 states.

A decent number of Washington area markets welcome shoppers throughout the winter. Look them up in our D.C., Virginia and Maryland listings.

As to what you’ll find this week:

At Sunday’s Takoma Park Farmers Market:

Atwater’s Bakery: breads; scones; muffins; tarts; cookies.

Black Rock Orchard: apples; cider.

Glenville Hollow Farms: popcorn; kale; collards; Brussels sprouts; broccoli; cabbage; potatoes; turnips.

Homestead Farms: green house-grown tomatoes, mixed greens and lettuce; fresh herbs, including dill, parsley and chives; Swiss chard; spinach; kale; mustard greens; purslane; sweet potatoes; tatsoi; turnips; butternut squash; micro greens; dried hot peppers.

Smith Meadows: beef and chicken potpies; pasta; ravioli; oat cakes; sauces.

Stone Hearth Bakery: breads; scones; muffins; croissants; tarts; cookies; empanadas.