At Saturday’s Falls Church Farmers Market:

Cville Bakers: naturally leavened breads, cookies, scones, muffins.

Mama’s Donut Bites: mini donuts.

Virginia Chocolate Company: chocolate candies.

Wisteria Gardens: salad greens; hot sauce; salsa.

At Saturday’s FreshFarm Market in Silver Spring:

Atwater’s Bakery: triple ginger scones.

Chicano Sol: baby red kale.

Spring Valley Farm and Orchard: Brussels sprouts; carrots.

At Sunday’s FreshFarm Market at Dupont Circle:

Everona Dairy: Earthquake cheese (contains ash with cracks of blue).

Spring Valley Farm and Orchard: kabocha and buttercup winter squash.

Sunnyside Farm and Orchard: parsnips.

Tree and Leaf Farm: Brussels sprouts on the stalk.

At Sunday’s Takoma Park Farmers Market:

Atwater’s Bakery: breads, scones, muffins, cookies.

Audia’s Farm: jams; dried spices and herbs.

Glenville Hollow Farms: carrots; potatoes; cabbage; Brussels sprouts; turnips; popcorn; collards; kale.

Gunpowder Bison and Trading Co.: pasture-raised bison steaks, roasts and burgers.

Homestead Farm: greenhouse tomatoes; kale; chard; mixed greens; micro greens; turnips; sweet potatoes; fresh herbs.

Keswick Creamery: aged raw-milk cheeses, such as cheddar, Vermeer, Wallaby and Lesher.

Smith Meadows: chicken potpie; beef potpie; Tuscan bean soup; black bean chili; rosemary and sage oat cakes; cracked pepper oat cakes.

Stone Hearth Bakery: breads, scones, muffins, croissants, tarts, cookies, empanadas.

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