A taste of what will be at area farmers markets:


At Saturday’s Smart Market in Oakton, Il Bastone Gourmet Foods will prepare Argentine empanadas and pork, beef and chicken sausages.

At Sunday’s Takoma Park Farmers Market, Black Rock Orchard will have apples ($15 per peck, $25 per half bushel) and 10 varieties of Asian pears and apple cider; Bees ‘n Blossoms will have raw Virginia honey products; Twin Springs will have apples, including Stayman, Mutsu, York, Fuji and Goldrush; Smith Meadows will have Tuscan Bean Soup, made with sweet Italian sausage, slow-cooked with cannellini beans, tomatoes, garlic, white wine and kale in a rich chicken broth ($6 per 16 ounce tub); Atwater’s and Stone Hearth Bakery will both have fresh breads, scones croissants, granola and cookies; Ferry Landing, Smith Meadows and North Mountain Pastures will have fresh eggs.

At Sunday’s FreshFarm Market in Dupont Circle, Anchor Nursery will have cut tulips; Red Apron Butcher shop will begin accepting credit cards.

At Sunday’s Smart Market in Gainesville, there will be European style breads, bagels and cakes; Spring Gap Mountain Creamery will have aged raw-milk cheeses.

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