A taste of what will be at area farmers markets:


At Thursday’s FreshFarm Market in Penn Quarter, Sand Hill Farm will have quail eggs; the Farm at Sunnyside will have tomato chutney ($7.50 per nine-ounce jar) and applesauce ($3.50 per jar); Mountain View Farm will have hakurei turnips ($3 per bunch), mustard greens and bok choy ($2.50 per bunch); Copper Pot will have stinging nettle gnocchetti; Red Apron will have testa.

At Thursday’s Smart Market at Manassas, Jose Montoya Produce will have sugar snap peas; Tyson Farm will have asparagus and red and white potatoes.

At Thursday’s FreshFarm Market by the White House, Soupergirl will have an Italian-style ribollita and chickpea tomato soup along with a quinoa salad; Pleasant Pops will have strawberries and cream, cucumber-chili, honeycrisp apple and avocado-lime pops.

At Friday’s Smart Market in Centreville, Tyson Farm will have asparagus, red and white potatoes and rhubarb; Culinary Herb Farm will have organic, locally grown dried herb mixes, herbed oils and vinegars;Celestial Farms will have local honey, jams and jellies.

At Saturday’s Smart Market in Oakton, 1ST AVE Bakery will have peanut and coconut cream pie; Heritage Farm will have dairy products.

At Sunday’s Takoma Park Farmers Market, Homestead Farm will have strawberries, greenhouse tomatoes, baby squash, mixed greens, collards, kale and fresh cut herbs; Calvert’s Gift Farm will have arugula, spring mix, carrots, spinach, scallions and chard; Potomac Vegetable Farms will have bok choy, lettuce, sorrel, salad turnips, kohlrabi and scallions; Keswick Creamery will have a selection of aged raw-milk cheeses such as cheddar, vermeer, wallaby, lesher and feta, and pasteurized products including quark, whole-milk ricotta, yogurt and chocolate pudding; Atwater’s and Stone Hearth bakeries will both have breads, scones, croissants, granola and cookies; Twin Springs Fruit Farm will have vine-ripened tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, basil, arugula, Middle Eastern-style cucumbers, lettuce and baby eggplants.

At Saturday’s FreshFarm Market in Silver Spring, Sligo Creek Farm will have organic arugula and mesclun; North Mountain Pastures will have cured meats and fermented food.

At Saturday’s H Street NE FreshFarm Market, Richfield Farm will have asparagus and rhubarb; Atwater’s Bakery will have muffins; Blueberry Hill will have green garlic ($3.50 per bunch) and whole head lettuce ($3.50); Garden Path Farms will have goat and rabbit meat; Red Apron will have mortadella hot dogs and baconwurst.

At Saturday’s FreshFarm Market in Bethesda, Next Step Produce will have organic strawberries ($4 per pint); Tree and Leaf will have spring beets ($3.50 per bunch); Buster’s Seafood will have a limited supply of soft shell crabs; Clear Spring Creamery will have heavy cream bottled in half pints.

At Saturdays 14&U Farmers Market, Whisked! will have sweet and savory handpies; Truck Patch Farms will have strawberries, pastured pork and beef, herbs, eggs, chives and mint; Kuhn Orchards will have freshly pressed, cider made from Gold Rush and pink lady apples, shallots, sunchokes and rhubarb; McCleaf Orchards will have tender purple asparagus and green asparagus; Mountain View Farm will have sugar snap peas, baby beets, greens, salads and lots of plants; Garner’s Produce will have sweet-acidic strawberries, asparagus, vitamin greens, broccoli and kale; Copper Pot will cheesy grits and rosemary pappardelle, asparagus soup, arugula pesto and feta cheese pasta salad; Pecan Meadow Farm will have goose and duck and chicken eggs, grass-fed beef; Panorama Bakery will have rustiques, croissants, baguettes, pumpernickel, muffins; Cherry Glen Goat Cheese Co. will have fresh chevre and ricotta , crottins and soft-ripened, brie-like goat cheeses.

At Saturday’s Columbia Heights Community Marketplace, Bella Terra Family Farm will have free-range pork and tomato plants; Briar’s Farmstead will have asparagus, free-range chicken, free-range pork, free-range ground beef, vegetable plants, herbs (Greek oregano, thyme, rosemary, mint, basil), spring onions, garlic scapes and lettuces; Chesley Vegetable Farms will have asparagus, morel mushrooms, herb plants, veggie transplants, regular and spiced cider, rhubarb and Fuji apples; Dragonfly Farms will have asparagus, greenhouse tomatoes, spinach, radishes, spring onions and rhubarb; Pleasant Pops will have popsicles; Bonaparte Breads will hvae pastries and bread; Springfield Lamb will have lamb; Stachowski Brand Charcuterie will have sausage; Gunpowder Bison will have bison meat; Spriggs Delight Farm will have goat cheese and goat-cheese fudge; Chapel’s Country Creamery will have cheese and yogurt; Twin Post Farms will have free-range duck and chicken eggs.

At Saturday’s Glover Park-Burleith Farmers Market, Stachowski Brand Charcuterie will have duck sausage with port wine and juniper, veal bratwurst and fresh kielbasa; Spriggs Delight Farm will have fresh chevre, camembert, feta, and goat fudge; Krantz Apiary will have wildflower honey; Heirloom Kitchen will have Thai vegetable and coconut curry with organic tofu, African sweet potato and peanut soup, curried red lentil soup, sweet potato chowder, fresh hummus and tomato chutney;Westmoreland Produce will have sugar snaps, baby squash, strawberries, lettuce, beets and broccoli; Toigo Orchards will have Persian cucumbers, hothouse tomatoes, apples, canned peaches and applesauce; Waterview Foods will have chicken and duck eggs; Cavanna Pasta will have fresh pastas and sauces; Bonaparte Breads will have pastries, soups, handmade fresh pasta and sauces; Spring Valley Farm will have asparagus, field greens, chard and wild ramps; Pavaraga Coffee will have locally roasted Hawaiian coffee beans.

At Sunday’s FreshFarm Market in Dupont Circle, Sunset Valley Farm and Spring Gap Mountain Creamery will have butter and cheese.

At Sunday’s Bloomingdale Farmers Market, New Asbury Farm will have lamb; North Mountain Pastures will have lonzino and prosciutto, pickled vegetables and eggs; Painted Hand Farm will have Pennsylvania-farmed rainbow trout smoked with apple and hickory; Keswick Creamery will have special reserve aged tomme; Copper Pot will have tortellini, stinging-nettle gnocchi and soup; SnowBear Farm will have broccoli rabe, parsnips, kohlrabi, collards, radishes, mustards, kale and scallions; Truck Patch Farms will have sweet, small Early-Glow strawberries, asparagus, beets, eggs and pastured pork and beef; Dolcezza will have strawberry-tarragon and strawberry and cream gelati; Garner’s Produce will have asparagus, strawberries, greens, turnips, beets, kale and broccoli.

At Sunday’s Smart Market in Gainesville, Shenandoah Spice Company will have herb and spice mixes; LMS and Montoya produce will have picking peas and sugar snaps; Tyson Farm will have asparagus, new potatoes and rhubarb.

At Tuesday’s Smart Market in Fairfax Corner, Liberty Farm will have grass-fed, beef.

At Tuesday’s FreshFarm Market in Crystal City, Barajas Produce will have strawberries ($5 per quart) and fresh garlic (75 cents per head); Bigg Riggs Farm will have ramps ($4 per bunch); Coulter Farms will have raw milk cheddar cheese; Atwater Barkery will have cheddar buttermilk biscuits ($3 each).

At Wednesday’s Smart Market in Reston, Il Bastone will have cupcakes; Cavanna Pasta will have porcini ravioli; Spring Gap Mountain Creamery will have blue chees; Bonjour La Parisienne will have pizza bread.

At Wednesday’s FreshFarm Market in Foggy Bottom, Pleasant Pops will have cucumber-chili flavor popsicles; Haskins Family Farm will have chicken.

At Wednesday’s USDA Indoors Farmers Market in the USDA South Building Cafeteria, C&T Produce will have strawberries ($2 per pint or three for $5); fresh basil ($2 per bunch), leaf lettuce ($1.50 per bunch), English peas ($2 per pound), asparagus ($4 per pound), beets ($2 per bunch), scallions ($2 per bunch), Swiss chard ($2 per bunch).

At Wednesday’s Health & Human Services FreshFarm Market, Garner’s Produce will hvae strawberries, sugar snaps, Swiss chard, bok choy and four varieties of kale; Evensong Farms will have eight varieties of pork sausage, along with all cuts of grass-fed beef and heritage breed pork; Panorama Bakery will have French baguettes along with sweet and savory pastries; Sweetgreen’s Sweetflow food truck will have salads and yogurt; Soupergirl will have vegan soups ($6 per pint); Carnivore BBQ will have pulled-pork rolls.


At Thursday’s FreshFarm Market in Penn Quarter, chef Perry Smith of Matchbox will make a spring salad with candied pecans and dried apples.

At Sunday’s FreshFarm Market in Dupont Circle, Kevin Villalovos of Cure Bar and Bistro will demo from 11 a.m. to noon.

At Tuesday’s Smart Market in Fairfax Corner, chef Annie Sidley will prepare healthful dishes with market ingredients at 1:30 p.m.

At Wednesday’s Smart Market in Reston, chef Annie Sidley will be demonstrate with market ingredients at 4 p.m.

At Wednesday’s Health & Human Services FreshFarm Market, chef Rebecca Perring will perform a cooking demonstration at 11 a.m.

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