A taste of what will be at area farmers markets this week:

At Thursday’s FreshFarm Market in Penn Quarter:

Mountain View Farm: organic sweet potatoes.

Sand Hill Farm: fresh cranberry beans.

At Thursday’s FreshFarm Market by the White House:

Red Zebra: white pizza with smoked cheddar, Swiss chard, havarti, apple salsa and balsamic vinegar.

Spring Valley Farm and Orchard: broccoli; spinach; kale; acorn squash.

Toigo Orchards: pears.

At Saturday’s Columbia Heights Community Marketplace:

Bella Terra Family Farm: pastured roast chickens; sweet potatoes; basil; eggs.

Chesley Vegetable Farms: cider; Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Jonagold, Lowry, Mutsu and other apples; winter squash; tomatoes; peppers; potatoes; onions.

Dragonfly Farms: mustard greens; corn; tomatoes; Asian pears; cucumbers; kale; collards; beet greens; broccoli, green peppers; red peppers; hot peppers; white potatoes; sweet potatoes; butternut squash; spaghetti squash; cauliflower; beets; green beans; eggplant.

Upper Crust Artisan Bread: breads that go with soup, including pain de campagne, rustic Italian boules, foccacia, baguettes and New York rye.

Wisteria Gardens: baby greens; salad blends; baby kale; Swiss chard; braising greens; Asian greens; sweet sugar snap pea shoots; french breakfast radishes; salsa; black bean dip; hummus; serrano ginger pepper sauce.

At Saturday’s FreshFarm Market in Silver Spring:

Atwater’s Bakery: quinoa mushroom vegetable and chicken corn chowder soups.

Down to Earth Farm: pumpkins.

Many Rocks Farm: Mulefoot pork.

Mock’s Greenhouse: watercress.

North Mountain Pastures: Weisswurst (pork and veal sausage).

Quaker Valley Orchards: snow peas; red and gold raspberries.

At Saturday’s 14th & U Farmers Market:

Copper Pot Food Co.: pear and ricotta ravioli; pork belly and October bean soup; maple-roasted pumpkin ravioli.

Garner’s Produce: black beans; black-eyed peas; Blue Thunder cabbage; flat Italian beans.

McCleaf’s Orchard: SunCrisp, Nittany, Idared, Golden Delicious, Empire and Gala apples; green tomatoes; celery; winter lettuce; new potatoes.

Pecan Meadow Farm: brown chicken eggs; chicken (whole, legs, thighs, wings); rabbit; grass-fed lamb; grass-fed beef short ribs; kebabs; beef chorizo; beef bratwurst; roasts; Indian cornmeal.

Truck Patch Farms: broccoli, Yukon Gold potatoes; carrots; mesclun; spinach; arugula; peppers; hot peppers; smoked bacon; fresh slab bacon; hot dogs; pork chops; spare ribs.

Whisked!: potato gratin tart; Snickers pie; pumpkin and dried cranberry bread; molasses spice cookies.

At Saturday’s H Street NE FreshFarm Market:

Blueberry Hill: organic celery root (celeriac); sweet potato greens.

Richfield Farm: poblano peppers; cauliflower.

At Saturday’s FreshFarm Market in Bethesda:

The market will reopen this week.

At Sunday’s Takoma Park Farmers Market:

Black Rock Orchard: apples; cider.

Clear Spring Creamery: pumpkin smoothies.

Keswick Creamery: aged, raw-milk cheeses such as cheddar, Vermeer, Wallaby, Lesher and feta; pasteurized fresh products such as quark, whole-milk ricotta, yogurt and chocolate pudding.

North Mountain Pastures: now taking orders for free-range, organically fed, fresh Thanksgiving turkeys.

Smith Meadows: black bean and beef chili; Tuscan bean soup; chicken pot pies.

Twin Springs Fruit Farm: apples; cider.

Waterpenny Farm: winter squash, including butternut, acorn, buttercup, sunshine, delicata, spaghetti, blue ballet and New England pie pumpkins.

At Sunday’s FreshFarm Market at Dupont Circle:

Clear Spring Creamery: honey.

Gardener’s Gourmet: Bulls Blood beet greens.

New Morning Farm: fresh ginger root.

Next Step Produce: persimmons.

Red Apron Butcher: Chester (cheese), Atomic (hot) and chorizo hot dogs.

Sunnyside Farm and Orchard: Sugar Baby pumpkins.

Tree and Leaf Farm: neck pumpkins; buttercup and butternut squash; broccoli.

At Sunday’s Bloomingdale Farmers Market:

Copper Pot Food Co.: pear and ricotta ravioli; pork belly and October bean soup; maple-roasted pumpkin ravioli.

Garner’s Produce: black beans; black-eyed peas; Blue Thunder cabbage; flat Italian beans; corn; peppers.

SnowBear Farm: Carola potatoes; leeks; tat-soi; Mizuna, celery root (celeriac); mustard greens; leeks; cabbages; chard.

Truck Patch Farms: eggs; peppers; broccoli; mesclun; spinach; arugula; bacon; pork chops; roasts.

At Tuesday’s FreshFarm Market in Crystal City:

Barajas Produce: kale; collards; daikon radishes; beets; parsley.

Bigg Riggs Farm: bok choy; unpasteurized apple cider.

Gunpowder Bison and Trading Co.: New York strip steak.

At Wednesday’s Foggy Bottom FreshFarm Market:

Atwater’s Bakery: red lentil soup; leek and mushroom soup.

Pleasant Pops: cinnamon vanilla peach popsicles.

Quaker Valley Orchards: beets.

Sunnyside Farm and Orchard: sweet chili dip.

At Wednesday’s Health and Human Services FreshFarm Market:

Evensong Farm: ground pork; well water.

Garner’s Produce: shelled lima beans; acorn squash.

Three Spring Fruit Farms: Jonagold apples.


At Thursday’s FreshFarm Market by the White House, chef demo by Victor Albisu of BLT Steak 3:30-4:30 p.m.

At Saturday’s H Street NE FreshFarm Market, food educator Melissa Jones demonstrates how to make sauteed greens with apple and bacon, 9:30-10:30 a.m.

At Saturday’s FreshFarm Market in Silver Spring, chef demo by Pedro Matamoros of 8407 Kitchen Bar 11 a.m.-noon.

At Wednesday’s Foggy Bottom FreshFarm Market, Whole Foods of Foggy Bottom will have a chef demo, 4-5 p.m.

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