A little kale never hurts mashed potatoes. (Deb Lindsey/For The Washington Post)

Perfect Mashed Potatoes Use a potato ricer with this recipe for the smoothest consistency.

Basic Mashed Potatoes Cream and butter are all you need for these potatoes, and a little salt.

Simple Mashed Potatoes This, yes, simple recipe adds just a hint of garlic and rosemary.

Cheesy Bacon and Sage Mashed Potatoes The smoked gouda and bacon in this recipe add a lot of flavor.

Party Potatoes Think of these as mashed potatoes without the last-minute fussing.

Red Potato Slices With Lemon and Olives Many elements of this recipe can be made ahead, and it doubles easily.

Upper Crust Potatoes This rich potato gratin goes perfectly with grilled or roast turkey.

Rich, Velvety Potato Puree This recipe may require a little more work and butter, but is worth it.

Mashed Potatoes With Tuscan Kale Mix some greens into these fluffy potatoes.