The McRib, McDonald’s on-again-off-again pork sensation, is back in restaurants across America today for the third time in McDonald’s 56-year history. Individual franchises typically decide if they want to sell the sandwich or not, however the fast food chain released it nationwide last November, the first time since 1994.

The boneless barbecue pork sandwich, the McRib, usually available in only a few stores at a time, will be sold at all U.S. locations through Nov. 14. (AP)

“It arrived from on high, through parting clouds, electrified on either side by streaks of lightning. No, really. It did.

On the McDonald's Web site , the faux-‘cue sammy is represented as a sort of deity. The guys at the McDonald’s ad agency created a jokey marvel that the Mad Men creatives can only dream about. We saw it mentioned in articles and blogs weeks before it came out.”

But one question remains for the 500-calorie snack, which has garnered its own Facebook page and tracking system: Is it really barbecue?

“It is meant to make you believe you are enjoying the real thing. I think,” said Shahin.

“Maybe not. Maybe they never intended anything “real” about the McRib at all. Maybe it is just a great post-modern marketing joke.”

Either way, the fast food item is either deeply beloved or detested by patrons, who have been voicing their opinions on Twitter and other social media. Join the conversation with #McRib.

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