(By Mark Gail/The Washington Post/Archive)

See Susan Soorenko smile. Her empire is expanding. Starting today, her Moorenko’s ice cream will be available at 25 Giant stores in Northern Virginia and Montgomery County.

In 2002, the owner opened her first shop in McLean, which has since closed. She owns a Moorenko’s store as well as a larger manufacturing operation in Silver Spring; her ultra-premium ice cream is served at dozens of Washington-area restaurants and is sold at some Whole Foods Markets as well as at a number of local organic and neighborhood markets. Moorenko’s ice cream is made with growth-hormone-free dairy products from area farms.

Soorenko has a well-earned reputation for creating compelling flavors, and, smart businesswoman that she is, has developed flavors specific to Giant, which will include: black raspberry chocolate chip; cinnamon cappuccino; salted caramel with pralines; strawberries and cream; marshmallow; cookie overload; cotton candy gummy bear; and chocolate peanut butter.

She and her son, Matt, will be stocking the Giant freezers themselves, so she reckons it will take about two weeks to bring all the ice cream into the stores. A list of participating stores is available on Moorenko’s Facebook page.