Few foods in the United States elicit as much emotion as pie. The classic dessert is as deeply woven into Americana as faded Levi’s and McDonald’s arches.

As NPR discovered during its recent Pie Week, pie can be tied to memories of baking alongside grandmothers and during family vacations and holidays.

Some people will go to great lengths for pie.

A Missouri resident offered $3,100 for one baked by his granddaughter for a Fourth of July fundraiser. The gesture was submitted to Guinness World Records as a possible all-time-high price paid for pie.

The process of making it can be “liberating,” as former editor-in-chief of Gourmet Ruth Reichl described her experience with Seattle pie guru Kate McDermott. And as Food editor Bonnie S. Benwick discovered during a workshop, McDermott’s students gain a sense of empowerment and a connection with the past.

View Photo Gallery: Seattle pie guru Kate McDermott teaches students how to make a flaky crust and perfect fruit filling in her intimate workshops.

The task can be daunting, however.

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