Cor-pirates: The owners of Piratz Tavern deface the old Corporate Bar and Grill logo. (Tim Carman/The Washington Post)

Just weeks after unveiling the Corporate Bar and Grill, courtesy of Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue” team, owners Tracy and Juciano Rebelo have decided to revert to their own Jolly Roger-themed tavern. There’s just one problem: At present, they don’t have the crew or budget to install a new sign.

So . . . as Piratz Tavern enjoys its rebirth this evening, the old Corporate Bar and Grill sign will remain solidly in place, with one slight alternation: Last week, Dynamite Graphics of Silver Spring painted a sly little eye patch over the invisible left eye of the faceless corporate executive in the logo.

Tomorrow, Tracy Rebelo hopes to have a temporary Piratz Tavern banner in place to at least partially obliterate the visible scar of the reality TV makeover gone wrong.

Incidentally, the owners still have the old Piratz Tavern sign, but Tracy says it weighs two tons and was originally welded to the roof. “You need a small crane truck” to reinstall it, she says.

If their budget doesn’t call for such an expensive reinstallation, Tracy Rebelo says she will eventually order a new sign for the entrance and attach the old one to the side wall that faces Bonifant Street.

But no matter what name graces the facade tonight, the owners plan to fly their pirate flag and hoist tankards to the official reopening of Piratz Tavern.