Is Michelle Obama a poor role model for children with regards to eating habits? (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

Here’s one of the comments from Natalie Jennings’s blog post:

“Burger, fries, Coke, and a shake? I’d bust with that much food.

“Unlike multi-mansion Al Gore, the first lady needs to set an example rather than an exception. Let’s hear about her daily exercise routine, assuming she has one. No more ‘do as I say, not as I do’ from our national leaders.”

Nutritionists were quick to come to the first lady’s aid, explaining that balance is more important than blind allegiance to any one diet, which is almost certainly true. But here’s the thing: This is not Michelle Obama’s first encounter with a burger in public. A semi-quick Google search reveals that she has dined on burgers at Five Guys (on at least two occasions), Good Stuff Eatery (again more than once and apparently enough to inspire her own turkey burger on Spike Mendelsohn’s menu) and a Milwaukee diner. Her love of burgers is so well documented that one hack parodied the first lady in this cartoon.

Michelle Obama has mentioned in the past that she occasionally “cleanses” to expel toxins and break her body’s craving for sugary, fatty foods.

So now try this: Type in “Michelle Obama and salads” into Google, and you gets tons of hits about her introducing salad bars into schools. But few hits of her ordering salads in public. So does the first lady’s public eating habits make her a hypocrite, given her very public Let’s Move campaign to reduce childhood obesity?

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