But who are we kidding? Of course everyone will pick their favorite bowls of ramen when the two chefs take part in the one-day, three-course pop-up dinner, presented by Feastly and Oh Fish!

In some ways, the votes may be cast before the bowls are ever slurped, given that Okochi and Bruner-Yang will be serving ramen from different ends of the meat-veg eating spectrum. Okochi will be preparing a more traditional meat-based broth, while Bruner-Yang will be offering a vegetarian version of the Japanese noodle soup, perhaps like the soybean-based masumi bowl (add ons include half boiled egg, red pickled ginger, sesame, scallions, nori and seasonal veggies) that he already serves at Toki.

The three-course menu will be rounded out with new temaki hand rolls from Okochi as well as two desserts from Bruner-Yang. The dinner will cost $28.88 per person, and like the Jewish Soul Food pop-up held this week, the dinner will be limited to 30 people, give or take a few covers. Bar drinks will be available for an extra charge.

Tickets can be secured by e-mailing Feastly at info@feastly.com.

B lind Dog Cafe at Darnell’s, 944 Florida Ave. NW; 202-573-8272, www.blinddogcafe.com .