Launched in April 2009, All We Can Eat officially stops publishing today.

There’s no subtle or sophisticated way to say this other than to spit it out straight: This is the last day of the All We Can Eat blog.

It pains me to type that sentence, and not because I’ve been the primary editor and writer for the blog for more than two years now. It pains me because All We Can Eat has been a reliable partner over these many months — one that openly accepted our gossip, our rants, our recaps, our reflections, our breaking news, our barbecue coverage, our beer reports, our favorite recipes, our improvisational cooking, our polls, our roundups and so much more.

But like any good partner, All We Can Eat has also been demanding. It’s the dog that’s always hungry and won’t stop howling until you feed it a new scrap of meat.

As The Post looks for innovative ways to compete in a media landscape that’s so fragmented and competitive, management has decided that throwing 1,000 blogs at the problem isn’t the solution. We need to focus our energies on a smaller number of blogs that draw the majority of the traffic, such as the Going Out Gurus, where I will continue to add my voice.

There is no hidden message behind the shuttering of All We Can Eat, which launched on April 29, 2009. The Food section is still a vibrant, valuable part of the paper, and it will continue to be. If anything, All We Can Eat’s closure frees some of our time to pursue bigger-picture projects that we’ve only talked about in the past. Look for them to roll out in the weeks and months ahead. Also look for the occasional extra feature or food-related rant or even Carol Blymire’s “Top Chef” recap to appear on the Food section home page.

In the meantime, I want to thank the many loyal readers of All We Can Eat. You share one quality with the blog: You’re a demanding lot, too. Your comments, requests, criticisms and concerns always pushed me forward, as I looked for ways to improve this product we called All We Can Eat. You’ll continue to do the same in the future, no doubt, just not here.