A tofu rice bowl at Southeast Asian Kitchen: Now, when you order it, you’ll be told before you get to the sauce decision that the curries contain fish sauce. (Jonathan Newton/WASHINGTON POST)

As of this week, both of those circumstances have changed.

On Sunday, another tipster e-mailed me to say the Web site summary of the sauces now contains the parenthetical “not vegetarian” at the end of the description of the two curries. (Once I cleared my browser’s cache, I could see that it was true.) And when I made another visit today to order the tofu-brown rice bowl for lunch, I was told not once, but twice, that I’d need to stay away from the curry sauces if I wanted to keep the meal veggie. (ShopHouse also offers a tamarind vinaigrette that is vegetarian.)

(UPDATE: The restaurant has also included an asterisked note about the curries being non-vegetarian on its paper menus.)

This might not appease those who think ShopHouse should explicitly state on the in-shop menu boards the non-vegetarian ingredients in the curries. That’s what Chipotle announced it would do after a non-pork-eating Maxim editor complained that he had unknowingly consumed bacon in the pinto beans for years. But if the staff training holds up and other consumers have the same experience at ShopHouse as I did, I can’t imagine how a vegetarian could be caught unawares anymore.

I’m not a vegetarian, of course, but merely an interested eater and journalist, and that means that, frankly, I’m getting a little sick of that tofu bowl. I’ve ordered it three times now — once because it’s what I wanted at the time and then twice more to check on this complaint — and now I’m in the mood for a banh mi with pork and chicken meatballs. Perhaps tomorrow.