Pull your own pork at Rocklands. (Giuliana Nakashima/The Washington Post)

Pulling their leg (and shoulder and loin): Wanna pull a pig? Well, of course you do. Now, here’s your chance.

On Tuesday, April 12, Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling Company will host its 10th annual Whole Pig Pull. Customers and, heck, just passers-by are welcome to complimentary (which is to say, free) tastes off a whole wood-smoked pig.

The pig tasting will be offered at all four Rocklands locations, starting at 11a.m. The meat lasts until it’s gone, so you might want to plan lunch early.

Speaking of Rocklands, it recently won the barbecue category in the Washington City Paper’s Best of D.C. Readers’s Poll. Urban Bar-B-Que Company won the category in the paper’s staff picks.

Get nekkid: Well, naked, actually. As in the Go Naked BBQ Show on Saturday, April 2, in Greencastle, Pa.

No, it’s not nude barbecuing (although, now that you mention it…). It’s a return to a world before all the new-fangled machinery of modern barbecuing. As the Go Naked Web site notes, the event “allows only wood and charcoal burning cookers. No electronics of ANY kind.” No gas. No electricity. No compressed woods. No nothing but, as they say in the barbecue lexicon, “stick burnin’.”

It is a sanctioned contest, and the public is welcome. It’s free, and there will be a People’s Choice contest for chicken wings and a cooking demonstration. The cook-off will be held on the grounds of Mason-Dixon BBQ Services, 1542 Buchanan Trail East, Greencastle.

Taylor made: At the opening ceremony last Friday of the third annual New Orleans Roadfood Festival, a celebration of American regional cuisine in the Big Easy, Louie Mueller Barbecue of Taylor, Texas, received this year’s Blue Plate Award.

In presenting the award, Michael Stern, who with Jane Stern has co-authored the highly regarded series of Roadfood books, cited Mueller’s for upholding “the best of America’s regional cuisines” and called Mueller’s “keepers of the unique legacy of Texas barbecue.”

In accepting the Blue Plate, third-generation owner Wayne Mueller said the award represented his “commitment to our history, to our family and to our guests. What we do is not just a job. It is a way of life.”

Here’s the rub: The 20th annual convention of the National Barbecue Association was held in Greenville, S.C., last weekend (jeez, was there anything barbecue-related not held last weekend?) and if you’re looking for ideas for bottled sauces and rubs, you might want to check out the organization’s Awards of Excellence on its Web site.

Lunch is served: Hill Country Barbecue Market at 410 7th St. NW just announced that, in addition to dinner, the Penn Quarter operation is now serving lunch, from 11:30a.m to 5 p.m. daily. 

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