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Next week, Smoke Signals will continue his look ahead with an overview of trends, from economics to societal changes to the foods we’ll smoke, as predicted by leading barbecue figures. If you care about barbecue cuisine or culture, you’ll definitely want to read their insights.

In the meantime, read the second half of the New Year’s barbecue resolutions after the jump.

Bill Gillespie plans to keep New England on the map as a barbecue destination. (Betsy Rowan)

Mike Mills, owner of 17th Street BBQ in Southern Illinois and Memphis Championship Barbecue in Las Vegas, competition champion and co-author of “Peace, Love, and Barbecue.” “You can name 100 resolutions and not achieve any of them, so I tend to focus solely on one. In 2012, I’m going to be more proactive. We seem to always be scrambling, so we’re going to start earlier and try to be more organized and thoughtful in the way we approach projects, events, travel, etc.”

Michael Fay wants to keep winning. (Christy Adams)

Greg Rempe, host of the BBQ Central Radio Show, a weekly Internet-based program that covers the world of barbecue and grilling. “Trim the fat — I will help increase awareness within the barbecue community that you can balance great food with exercise in order to live a more healthy lifestyle! Let’s face it. . .there’s a lot of fat folks out there that need a push! I am just the guy to do it! I also plan on taking over barbecue-based entertainment via radio/video in 2012!

Carolyn Wells plans to conduct oral histories of barbecue legends. (Larry King)

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