The Candy Corn Oreo: Are you tempted or scared by the Halloween-themed cookie? (Tim Carman/The Washington Post)

The once elegant chocolate-and-cream treat has become the ultimate Zelig, assuming any persona the Kraft/Nabisco overlords deem necessary to exploit the poor Oreo’s good name and cash in on our warm memories of this utterly delicious commercial cookie. These corporate manipulations can be as embarrassing as Halloween dog costumes.

The latest innovation can be found only at Target stores, where Kraft/Nabisco have introduced Candy Corn Oreos just in time to frighten away stray black cats.

A few outlets have already reviewed the product — one with an almost scientific inquiry . They all pretty much agree on one thing: The Oreos smell like candy corn, all right, probably through some trick of chemical engineering cooked up at Nabisco HQ, but they don’t really taste like candy corn. The cookies are more trick than treat, I guess you could say.

Personally, I found Candy Corn Oreos mesmerizing to stare at, as if dumbfounded that they could somehow coexist in the same elegant world of real Oreos; it’s sort of how I feel while watching Andie MacDowell act in the otherwise brilliant “Groundhog Day.” I also couldn’t get the metallic sweetness out of my mouth no matter how much coffee I drank. I was worried the cookie might have colonized me.

With Halloween more than a month away, where does your interest in Candy Corn Oreos stand? Take our poll:

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